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At VB youth, our mission is to walk alongside the youth of the Rio Grande Valley through forms of mentorship,discipleship, and training.

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Our vision is to provide resources and guidance that would enrich the life of church communities through youth that recognize a call to serve God and others.


If you are an active youth leader in your church, don’t miss out on the opportunity of equipping yourself for the call that God has placed in your life!

We will provide you with multiple resources that will enhance your tool belt, that includes the mentorship and training from our ministry professionals who carry multiple years of experience in church ministry and leadership. 



If you would like to contribute towards the VBMEC Youth Ministry, we would appreciate your prayers more than anything. Along with your support through prayer, we also want you to know that your time is just as important when it comes to serving others. We will have opportunities for you to sign up for volunteering opportunities throughout the valley.

Please let us know if you are interested in serving in these areas!

- Volunteering with ongoing camps at the Valley Baptist Retreat

- Church clean up days for churches throughout the valley on Saturday mornings

- Cutting yards for the elderly on Saturday mornings



There is tons of material that is useful for your training as a youth leader at your church. Here are a few books, videos, and online resources that can help you as you continue to grow in your own personal journey as a leader.

Our book selection...

(Click on the book to purchase)

Communicating for lige
How to argue with Jesus
Canoeing the mountains

Must watch!

Take a look!



Let us pray for you!

At VB Youth, we believe in the power of prayer. So, it's simple, how can we pray for you? 

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