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No matter what you are looking for The VBMEC has a facility to fit most needs. We are set up to accommodate large and small groups for daily or overnight usage. We offer a full range of services from simply providing the space for a conference to full catering for an event. Here at The Center we enjoy a campus full of people and an atmosphere of action and excitement.

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VBMEC has been used for meetings and the training of Missionaries and Pastors over the past 50 plus years. Our mission remains the same, to reach the Rio Grande Valley and the Frontera of Mexico for Jesus Christ, not only the community's spiritual needs but the physical needs through mission construction projects. VBMEC is a place to go out from and a retreat to recharge.

The 90 acre campus over the past several months has received a $3.6 million dollar face lift including improvements to several of our buildings and a new motel styled residents hall. The winds of hurricane Dolly destroyed one of our dorms and damaged most of our buildings, however this blessing allowed us to upgrade our facilities and make them more accommodating to our visitors.

Whether you are looking for a place to have a banquet, wedding, retreat, conference, or sleep 200 people for a month we have the accommodations and the staff to fit your needs. To get more information about our campus click on the links to the right and you will be directed to specific info about your choice.

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